Ownership Options

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The Individual option means exactly that. One person as owner with the sole responsibility for all decisions and costs. It also means that this lucky owner receives all the accolades, prize winnings and trophies!


A very popular form of ownership not only because it is much more cost effective but that you also get to share the thrill with friends. You can have as few as 2 and as many as 10 in a partnership. There is a limit of 6 listed owners in the race book due to space restrictions and the Racing Rules stipulate that with any partnership that has four or more partners they must have one person that is nominated as Racing Manager.


This is the other hugely popular form of racing. The same reasons apply as for those in a partnership which are to share the moments with friends and it also being a much more cost effective way of racing a horse. The minimum number of people in a syndicate is 5 and wait for it ...there is NO maximum! Under the rules of Racing a Syndicate Manager is appointed and by doing so is given authority to act on behalf of the syndicate. It is their role to make sure that all syndicate members are kept fully briefed and up to date on the progress from the Trainer. Quite often this role is taken on by the trainer. 


This is another way to race a New Zealand Thoroughbred. The company must be approved by NZTR www.nzracing.co.nz for racing horses to do so. The shareholders then become the owners of the horse or horses.

For further information on owning a horse CLICK HERE 

Bloodstock Agents

New Zealand has many reputable bloodstock agents to help you make the best possible investment that is tailor made to your budget.

By all means contact Little Avondale Stud for agents that we have used for our own thoroughbred needs and therefore can personally recommend or CLICK HERE for Bloodstock Agent options.


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